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Houston Ranked #1 Mega-Market of the Year

Houston Texas Ranked the #1 Mega-Market of the Year

Right on the heels of Site Selection naming Houston as the #1 metro in the nation for corporate relocations and expansions, Southern Business & Development has lauded the region as the Mega-Market of the Year. The region’s point total of 205 actually topped the point totals of 10 Southern states in the 2009 SB&D 100.

Rice Ranks #1 in Quality of Life

The Princeton Review recently cited Rice University as the top-ranked school in the country for quality of life. Rice also ranked 8th for “happiest students,” 11th for “lots of race/class interaction” and 19th for “great financial aid.

Houston's Skyline One of the Most Stunning in the World recently cited Houston as having one of the greatest urban silhouettes in the world. It joins such “instantly recognizable” landscapes as Sydney, Dubai, Paris and Hong Kong

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Lowest Mortgage Rates Are Brilliant.

Lowest Mortgage Rates Are Brilliant

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Affordable Home Mortgage Rates.

Goals Can Be Easily Set With Affordable Home Mortgage Rates.

Today, we have to consider life in an optimistic way. It has to be all about looking ahead and charting the course with precision. For a simple reason growth or the expansion of business is essential these days and that too with higher opportunities. To move ahead in life, we need to think about proper wealth management advice which the financial advisors can give us in a unique way. We can consider going in for Home Mortgage Rates which are very beneficial for a common man. They keep in their mind the financial plan of their client and then guide them towards the way which is most suitable for them.

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Houston: America’s Most Enthusiastically Cosmopolitan City

Houston: America’s Most Enthusiastically Cosmopolitan City

The following is an excerpt from a special report on Texas as published in The Economist July 9, 2009.

Joel Kotkin, an urbanologist based in California, recently compiled a list for Forbes magazine of the best cities for job creation over the past decade…Mr Kotkin particularly admires Houston, which he calls a perfect example of an “opportunity city”—a place with lots of jobs, lots of cheap housing and a welcoming attitude to newcomers.

The article goes on to read…He is certainly right about the last point: not too many other cities could have absorbed 100,000 refugees, bigheartedly and fairly painlessly, as Houston did after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. With vibrant Asian communities alongside its balanced Hispanic, white and black mix, with no discernible racial tensions, and with more foreign consulates than any American city except New York and Los Angeles, Houston is arguably America’s most enthusiastically cosmopolitan city, a place where the future has already arrived.

Next year’s national census is expected to show that flourishing Houston has replaced struggling Chicago as America’s third largest city.

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